5 in a Row Jelly Jar Powder
How much are they?

Our pricing information is available for those that apply and are approved for a professional account w/ LSL.

We do not sell our HydroGlo Proline Jelly masks to retail clients.

5 would be the minimum to start an account but there are often package deals when getting an opening order of 10 or more.

Like most skin care / cosmetic companies we source from wherever we can get high quality ingredients at a fair cost.  Some of the components are made overseas and some within the US.  We are a 100% USA Woman Owned Enterprise.

Our products are 100% Vegan, Organic and Cruelty Free.

There are a multitude of ways our business model and products differ from other Jelly Mask companies.

    • Great Quality Ingredients
    • Free Samples
    • Less Fragrance and “Effect” that don’t provide any skin benefit
    • Our jars arrive to you sealed Air Tight. Competitors’ statement about product not properly sealed being no issue is FALSE.  Open container limits product shelf life and freshness.
    • Customer Service is a GLARING difference LSL SHINES in this area.
    • Product Presentation is far superior. Rather than a generic label / plastic lid we’ve chosen to create an upscale packaging design which helps elicit interest from the client and aid in the upsell process.  Our packaging presentation aligns with what you would hope and expect to see in a high end spa and not basic and common like most of our competitors products. 
    • Price is 20%-50% less than a well known competitor that gouge for specialty formulas
    • Lifetime US National – Woman Owned Enterprise

We’ve placed less emphasis on things like heavy fragrance and shimmer effects and focused on qualities that create a great experience for the customer and Esthetician.
Top quality ingredients along with unmatched packaging and presentation are just the start. Our price point is about 20% less than other brands while our customer service exceptional.
Our quality is at minimum as good as our leading competitors and we don’t want you to take our word.  Just ask and we will send out a free sample to licensed Health, Wellness, & Beauty Professionals. 
Clients LOVE our HydroGlo Jelly Masks

Unopened, sealed, stored in a cool and dry place – shelf life is two-three years unopened. Once opened it’s recommended to use within 6 months- 1 years to optimize organic ingredients and potency.

For face applications mix 2 scoops of powder to 1.5 scoops of purified water in a rubber bowl. (Adjust accordingly to face size) Mix well to ensure no clumping occurs. Use a spatula to make the first pass on the forehead. The second pass goes over the eye and down one check. The third pass goes over the other eye and down the other check. The fourth pass goes over the entire mouth and chin. Even and smooth out accordingly. Click on our how-to video to see a demonstration done.

Yes each jar comes with a measuring scoop.

Always check in with your client beforehand. Make sure the client is not claustrophobic – if they are then avoid going over the eyes and/or mouth area. It’s recommended to avoid going over the eyes if the client has lash extensions.